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Peri-operative enhanced recovery hip fracture of patients with dementia

Poster presented at Alzheimer's Society

Senior Researcher Dr Nigel Lambert presented a PERFECTED poster at the Alzheimer's society research conference in Nottingham on 3rd June. It described the methodological issues in performing observational research in acute hospitals using lay researchers. This was well received especially with the Alzheimer Society “friends” and public/patient involvement attendees. Click on the poster below for the colour image.

The event itslef was a success with the largest attended audience for one of these events present highlighting the societies increased commitment to research. A full programme of presentations reflecting the cutting edge of dementia research was followed by a 90min debate on the future of dementia research led by 6 high profile panellists. In the evening there was a reception and poster session where ~20 posters show-cased dementia research from all perspectives.