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Peri-operative enhanced recovery hip fracture of patients with dementia

New research links sleeping pills with Alzheimers

A study by French and Canadian scientists published in the British Medical Journal has found that patients prescribed benzodiazepines for any length of time were 51% more likely to get Alzheimers compared with someone who had never taken them.

Dr Chris Fox Chief Investigator on Perfected speaking to the Daily Mail said that memory problems ' are a well-known short term side-effect of benzodiazepines, but side-effects usually disappear once you stop taking them.'

'But it may be in that some people this effect is permanent.'

'What we need to find out is if benzodiazepines do cause permanent damage to the brain - is it like radiation, in that if you are exposed just once, then the damage is done?

'And if they do cause permanent damage, they should be banned - and we need to find new drugs to treat the damage they have caused.'

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